Please Click Here for our latest warranty policy.

You can also contact our main office for a warranty to be faxed to your store.


If you are requesting that an item be replaced, you will be invoiced for the replacement and then a credit will be issued when Crossroads Furniture receives the original unit back from the dealer. Crossroads Furniture WILL cover the freight on replacement items, but will ship when a load is going to the area of the dealer. If the dealer requests expedited delivery they will have to pay the freight on the replacement.


Crossroads Furniture WILL accept chargebacks, but will be limited to 5% of the cost of the goods. Make sure the item is inspected fully before a decision is made. If you feel the repair will cost more than 5% of the cost of the item, then please arrange for the item to be completely exchanged. You WILL need to provide PICTURES.


You may order replacement parts through Crossroads Furniture. As we order the parts from the manufacturer, we do not guarantee delivery times. If the part can be sent directly from the manufacturer to you, the dealer, then we will arrange accordingly. If the item cannot be shipped directly to the dealer, it will be shipped to Crossroads Furniture and added to the dealer’s next shipment. If the dealer requests expedited shipping there will be a freight charge billed to the dealer. If you are requesting a service part from a factory and the item is past its warranty term, you will be charged for the parts and shipping.